"Victorian Era"

Oh! How grand it must have been 
To have existed in "Victorian Days" 
The fancy apparel . . . Way back then 
So grandiose, with flaunting ways 

Queen Victoria, who set the trend 
In finery, was she always dressed 
So style conscious, until the end 
Her seamstress, getting no rest 

Riding or outings, the ladies wore 
Their "Cloaks" and "Redengotes
Victorian style, with fanciness galore 
Be it for parties, or traveling boats 

Dainty slippers, with pretty flowers 
Accessories in purple and red 
In quaint shops, searching for hours 
Long skirt, or shorter instead? 

Pretty accessories, made with fur 
Colorful Shawls, that were so chic 
Careful of.... Every bloke or cur 
Affluent men, their only pick 

New Industry, was in the making 
Rails ... being laid everywhere 
So much money, for the taking 
Affording women, to dress with flair 

That Era... Ever so fascinating 
Flaunting all it's beauty and charm 
The rush, at times so exasperating 
Prestige and class, arm and arm! 

Copyright © 2006 Judith Johnson Kypta
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