Outside that door, Amanda Brown finds herself hurled into another place in time. It was a time of growth, excitement, beauty and love. She becomes confused, frightened and amazed, as she intermingles with persons from the "Victorian Era." Amanda finds herself socially active, among the "Elite" while falling in love, not once . . . But twice! She experiences many emotional storms, while trying to cope with her present lifestyle.  She finds it very complex, keeping these phenomena from her sister Rebecca, and brother-in-law, Thomas. Her constant fear is that her family will have her committed to an Asylum, should they discover her secret.  How long these phenomena will continue, is a question that plagues Amanda. It seems a mystery, as to why she was chosen, and brought into this paranormal puzzle. Amanda rationalizes that there must be a reason. She begins an investigation, to find what that reason might be. Another of her fears, is that the man she loves, will be lost to her forever . . . Thus, she has to make a definite, decision. Which will win in the end, realistic rationalization, or a fantasy of the heart?

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A Sequel Has Just Been Released 

"Amanda's Journey"

“Amanda’s Journey” a Sequel to “Outside, That Door” 

The story takes off when Amanda and Anthony are reunited, and move forward, into the past... Amanda has decided to leave her world of the “here and now,” to live out her days with her beloved Anthony in the early 1900's. 
She has no idea what she may encounter with her move back into time, and she doesn’t care! All she does care about is sharing her hopes and dreams with the only man she will ever love. She is enraptured with the Victorian Era, and welcomes the lifestyles and the luxury that went along with that time in history. Join Amanda as she begins her journey, spending a lifetime in this Victorian Romance

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 Publication Date:May 13 2011

ISBN/EAN13:1456378805 / 9781456378806
Page Count:204
Binding Type:US Trade Paper
Trim Size:6" x 9"
Color:Black and White
Related Categories:Fiction / Fantasy / General  FANTASY / FICTION

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