Judith has several publishing's to her credit.  If you would like to take a look at other books available, please click on whichever link that you are interested in below.

The Sequel to "Outside That Door"  Is Published!

"Amanda's Journey"

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For: Paperback


"Thoughts, Poems & Bible Verse"

This is a book on Author, Judith Johnson Kypta's thoughts regarding her poetry she displays, and how it coincides with Biblical verses from the King James Version of the Bible. Judith has a way with words, and can easily bring a biblical teaching across in poetic fashion. The messages are very clear and precise. 

Her work is well know throughout Cyber Space, and she has Authored several books. . . Novels of Fiction, Children's Series, Inspirational Poetry, and more. We feel you will enjoy her style of writing, and her thoughts on various subjects. 

This is the First Edition. There will be future volumes.


 "Abby Ding Glove . . . And Friends"

( A children's Series)

You have found the right place, if you are looking to meet a great bunch of furry, friendly animals. straight out of Abby Ding Glove's neighborhood.

Go along with Abby and Chipper the Chipmunk, and learn about the good deeds they perform.  Or, maybe tag along with Abby as she goes to vacation with her Aunt Clara.  On her way home she runs into a scary situation. . .While lonely Chipper patiently awaits her return.  You will love Miss Lucy Two Shoes, and her owners, "The Kippy's."  They love all animals, and see to it that their little neighborhood friends are well fed.

Every issue will have 40-60 pages, with actual photos, transformed into cartoon characters. Make sure to collect each Issue, as it is released.

If you have questions, please send an email to:  AbbyDingGlove@yahoo.com

Order here    https://www.createspace.com/3505318

OR,  Order here:


Go To Abby's Website Through This Link      http://abbydinggloveandfriends.yolasite.com/

"A Little Book of Inspirational Poetry"

Just what the title states, this book offers a collection of poetry 

that will inspire, give comfort and an understanding of the Christian life.